Thursday, March 31, 2005

buggin' out

brazilian girls - don't stop

this wonderfully produced pop dance track from these three dudes and one girl set up is charming, even if no one in the band is even brazilian. a little samba in here maybe?

king gheedorah - i wonder

mf doom beat with hassan chop rappin and doom laying some rhymes down as well over some seductive strings. a little sad story. 'my brother got stabbed and i miss him. word up".

-ace von grumbles

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

i don't write down my stuff anymore i just take it from the top of my head

akon - lonely

ok so i'm a sucker for this straightforward rnb style hip hop with the speedy vocal cuts and i'm not sure why. just sounds good to me. also, I CAN RELATE MY BROSEPH.

archer prewitt - o, ky

a relaxing post-sea and cake builder starts slow and melancholic and delivers a real inviting song, which took me a couple of listens to get into admittedly.

-ace von grumbles

Thursday, March 24, 2005

my plans are long term like mr miyagi

nerves - working too hard

three piece mod pop punks from 76 clock in this song under the two minute mark with a soulful chorus.

dykehouse - chain smoking

michigan native michael dykehouse creates this bedroom produced masterpiece, drawing influences from the swirling guitars of shoegazers and the charm of indie pop.

brendan benson - you're quiet

more catchy surf inspired indie pop, this time from brendan's earlier album. he just released alternative to love, but i find myself going back to lapulco more for some reason. except for the incredible last man standing on alternative to love, you're quiet and other songs on lapulco have a more matthew sweet feel and aren't as dressed up production wise.

-ace von grumbles

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

no more shoes

stephen malkmus - mama

off the new face the truth albulum. so far i think this album is catchy, a little bit of a continuation of the jam style of pig lib but with songs like this that would probably fit in well on his first self titled record. maybe the most immediately catchy. i wanted to put up no more shoes but that ish is 8 mins long son!

lemonheads - talk i'd tell you

oooh one of my favorite pop songs. you'd think that was some nostalgic moment i'm reviving right here but nahyo, i listened to this song for the first time just recently. one of the finer pieces from the alt-rock movement.

golden dogs - elevator man

ok so yea not much variety today, but maybe that's a good thing as all these songs are soul crushingly catchy. ok, so the malkmus hasn't yet been proven to hold on in the long run, the golden dogs i think are from canadia but i'm not so sure as they're not even on allmusic yet. fresh cucumber with a latin feel and rhythm.

-ace von grumbles

Thursday, March 17, 2005

are you holding something in that the hood don't know

kings of convenience - i'd rather dance with you (cornelius remix)

oh so this is basically a great take on already upbeat and killer king of convenience songs, one of my favorite off their relatively new album riot on empty street. starts off slow with some simple string plucks but then the acoustics just keep layering and layering and it's some bliss especially with headphones. great googly moogly.

ghostface killah - beatles mix

aite switching it up for this mixtape cut of ghostface before pretty toney dropped and sampling some obvious guitars. some good lines and some great lines. "open you up like a pap smear" oh dear check it check it.

-ace von grumbles

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ensembles of Cortical Neurons in Primates

Daedelus - Move On (with Set)

for rizzels this one starts little slow with some kling klang samurai nonsense but then settles into a smooth trickle that makes you forget about the other daedelus songs even tho they gots the bigshots like mf doom. set fits the rhymes nicely with a laid back attitude and ddddangerous flow.

Saturday Looks Good to Me - Underwater Heartbeat

OK so they're kinda weird looking in the above picture but boy these cats bring the feel good vibe to their music and shows. i saw them perform and their drummer didn't show which I thought would suck but it turned out to be very cool. they still held everyone's attention with great covers of Big Star and some sunshine fixes of their own. also noteworthy was the hottttttness of the singer (top middle) YOWZA. for seroius

-ace von grumbles

Thursday, March 10, 2005

blue bananas

max tundra - lights

ok, so max tundra is awesome, and on this one he speeds up some rnb lovin for this ace cut. this comes from just a one man team from england but this song really is a standout.

the db's - big brown eyes

some old fashioned power pop for you. this one's reaaaal catchy even though the sound i dig so much may sound out dated to some. yea this one belongs on any respected sappy crush mix for an eskimo.

chains of bananas - cascading in styrofoam

eya so i guess i made this song a while back or something. if you are jay-z, dizzee rascal, or kelly clarkson please lay down some rhymes over this mix and send me the producto. id prefer the lyrics to concentrate on robots programmed to love by evil geniuses who have never been in love before, but if you need any other suggestions let me know. DROPPING BOMBS I SWEAR I DONE CHANGED

-ace von grumbles

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Young Man in the Dick Hat

sonata arctica - wildfire
Extremely talented musicians from Finland. I'll be at

- Danny Hardball

nobody's perfect

casiotone for the painfully alone - toby take a bow

film school dropout creates jams solely with out of date casio keyboards and reaches out to touch smith fans and dorks alike with this buzz filled electronic fest.

the blow - knowing the things that i know

sounds like mirah over a dntel beat, which would be so very amazing if it ever came about. this song sways with the electronic drum pads and a sweet girl melody.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

pretty sick chubbs

papas fritas - way you walk

ahh yea one for the warm weather bounce. a little french pop feel kinda like a stereolab for this one. jazzy bass line + breezy 60s pop throwback melody = niiiicceee.

andrew bird - masterfade

now this is a slow jam. this lush, moving piece comes from chicago violinist andrew bird. off his fifth album, the mysterious production of eggs, andrew bird finally settles with this style of low key music after being a player in swing bands like squirrel nut zippers. ccccrazy.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

i can't go to sleep

mochipet - johnny cash vs. cash money millionaires

oh this song is some ace mashup work. mochipet has a full album of cuts where the only real associations between the multiple songs being put together are the names of the groups. for example, neil diamond vs king diamond vs the lion king. also, mochipet is a reference to rice cakes in japanese which is noice. if i were a ninja, i'd listen exclusively to mochipet and maybe the soundtrack to aladdin.

zumpano - the party rages on

carl newman and his old underrated power pop band slays on this stop start rhythm zoomer which reminds me of a mix between some cars and xtc if that's even possible. carl went on to later contribute for the new pornagraphers and as his solo act ac newman. dude has some angry hair.