Friday, December 23, 2005

these lazy days

ok here's some list crap that nobody cares about srsly

top twelve of 05:
1. jaime lidell - multiply
2. robyn - robyn
3. jeans team - musik van oben
4. edan - beauty and the beat
5. brendan benson - alternative to love
6. art brut - bang bang rock and roll
7. jens lekman - oh you're so silent jens
8. ymck - family music
9. various artists - run the road
10. of montreal - sunlandic twins
11. broken social scene - broken social scene
12. sharon jones and the dap kings - naturally

other good garbage:
andrew bird, alan braxe and friends, juelz santana, seu jorge, kano, clor, emiliani torrini, jack rose, the joggers, vitalic, maximo park, ellen allien, bloc party, boy least likely to, why?, chris farley arcade, stars, fischerspooner, sigur ros, busdriver

needs some listens, might bring the hottness:
count bass d, cagedbaby, national, cardigans, venetian snares, roisin murphy, mountain goats, gang gang dance, greg davis & sebastien roux, broadcast, love is all, rachel stevens, lil' wayne, young jeezy, linstrom and prins thomas

favorite old junk recently becoming obsessed with:
prince - purple rain, new order - substance, sam cooke - live at harlem square club 1963, marshall crenshaw - st, yellow pills - prefil, fennesz - endless summer, feelies - crazy rhythms

now here's some new grafitti

milo jones - sandro and the french guy

this broseph has a real smooth low voice and i enjoy blasting this through my cans while fishing in the early morning.

saigon - stocking cap

with the hippin and the hoppin.

-ace von grumbles

Friday, December 16, 2005

not some made up icelandic garbage

legends - call it ours

WABAM some new fangled pop deals from sweden or something no homo.

cadence weapon - oliver square

mad gibberish over some glitchy sega beat which is spillin all over the intronet. also, guns.

-ace von grumbles

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

finals are cool

islands - rough gem

shhhh dont tell anyone i have this i dont want no trouble. might just leave this up for a day or two so grab this while you can. ex-unicorn members yam out, staying varied and catchy and fun while using various instruments wish that moog would stay around a little bit looongger.

edan - funky voltron

yea im mad late on spotting this on THA BC ...(safe)... but really listen "somebody throws a baby - oh shit - do a spin move and catch it - and the Crowd Goes Crazy" so hot mixing up these days rhymes with 70s funk and soul samples.

-ace von grumbles

Thursday, December 08, 2005

kick that news

dipset - sammy g - baseball game

i love these old timey feel good samples, and i dont even like baseball so me liking this song is all woah. i dont really know who sammy g is, but the senate, taliban, and dipset kill on the song which is all about the beat anyway. must be looooudddd.

acid house kings - this heart is a stone

doowop influenced girl singer pop song from this swedish pop effort.

-ace von grumbles

Monday, December 05, 2005

rodento peligroso

last stand - just a number

super catcchy power pop

koushik - only dreaming

some real grainy jazzy fresh hip hop glitch cuts

strokes - razorblade

ITS HERE the strokes are trying some wacky experiments on their new album, but this retains that classic strokes sound that im dancing to

-ace von grumbles

Thursday, December 01, 2005

sorry, im engaged at the moment

family music - magical 8bit tour

OH LOUEY this jpop with wonderful nes backing orchestra has those melodies that will have you spittin watermelon seeds for HOURS

rivers cuomo - chess

since i gave a hott toast on tuesday im easin up on the spicy saouze and yammin to this pre weezer yoint nohomo

-ace von grumbles