Wednesday, August 22, 2007


outkast minus ugk - international players anthem (siik remix)

the tough alliance - taken too young remix precious

bronski boy - small town boy


boo boo boo akk got mah l.a. geeeears im in the sandbox say can i play not ay bay bay. you don't wanna lose me like a new i.d. ... she got nice legs she can run on mah teeeam. ... she just wanna get used like samples. i grabbed a seashell to illustrate mah homelessness

this outkast on some smooth bill evans whtv whtv holdin it laid back, tough alliance killin discobelle and where else everywhere, the dream is that next level rnb joint and then i throw it back on some bronski boyyyyys

ok haha two more bangers that are old and you know i been sleepin on this blag but not on the scene:
alicia keys - you dont know my name

armand van helden - i want your soul

-ace von grumbles

Thursday, August 09, 2007

the way i waer my jeans is hood

von grumbl - ahhhw hat can i sayyy (mix w tracklisting below)
genesis - invisible touch

prince - i wanna be ur lover

this a mix. has some standard floor hot tube ignitors, plus some extra juicy tracks. i made it about two weeks ago for some super babezilla off the charts QTIP without the ip, and i think if i were to change it now with the knowledge i have acquired (lolol) i would put on two more tracks, which are under tha link upstairs boya. SRSLY CRANK THAT GENESIS OH >_<>_<>_< style="font-weight: bold;" href="">
rick ross - hustlin les sport(von grumbl breakup)
notorious b.i.g. - juicy (von grumbl adventure kid breakup)


-ace von grumbles