Tuesday, August 30, 2005

you gotta wonder, snowy

memphis bleek - just blaze, bleek, and free

ok this is the hottest banger. ever. the end.

junior senior - dance chance romance

an ape of a jackson 5 song almost, this handclap stunner from the new junior senior album will be a great box social tune. no homo?

-ace von grumbles

Thursday, August 25, 2005

out on the evening

rogue wave - medicine ball

boayeh, off the new rogue wave which is way louder and more electric than their laid back previous albulum. some people say this move takes away the precious lushness and moves it into more generic territory, but i dunno, im diggin it aight.

barcelona - c64

yea, i put up a different barcelona tuen on tuesday but i decided this one is better, so here it goes.

all girl summer fun band - ticking timebomb

yea im on a sugary pop kick today, not sure why. this one is super cheesy super fun and is borderline irritable in its punch-you-in-the-face-joyousness. next time i'll up some o dat hippin and the hoppin.

-ace von grumbles

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


barcelona - sunshine delay

yea i could post some new kanye or dangerdoom but i think i'll stick with some dangerous poppy junk.

chikinki - assassinator 13

this small brah is a pretty cool and jerky guitar and synth song.

kanye west - gone

FIIINE. altho most peeps grabbed this awhile ago, just in case, here's my jam cuz of the killah cam.

-ace von grumbles

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

hey black there was FIVE PIES on this table

nerbenzer - every single molecule

homemade product gleamed from a certain music board. really gets going for this type of acoustic jam pop song.

nobukazu takemura - icefall

yea right, seriously try to get through this ten minute electronic mess of cdskippery goodness. i prefer to fall asleep or read with this, although drugs might be cool too. wouldn't know. next time i'll up some mad accessibles.

-ace von grumbles

Monday, August 15, 2005

we the hottest on the radio.

mickey tucker - giant steps

yea sometimes i jazz it up. thanks geoff.

the chris farley arcade - requiem for mendoza

another rare gem, a bside cut from the "the chris farley arcade visits the david spade amusement park" album, which was released over a year ago. not fast paced enough for the album, this stand alone track was dedicated to a brilliant fighting fish who met his peril far too soon.

-ace von grumbles

Monday, August 08, 2005


heyo i'll be up in wisconsin flipping off rafts, catching snapping turtles, and playing ping pong for a week. be back next sunday.

clor - good stuff

iron & wine and calexico - history of lovers

jr writer - magic

the clor is some clump-em-in new wave comeback band but is a bit spazzier than the usual, although this album lead off song has a pretty consistent beat. the new iron and wine and calexico is fantastic and very laid back and refreshing, although a little dry. the jr writer of dipset fame has a sample poppin off simply bananas. yea cheesy, but almost certifiable? perhaps perhaps

-ace von grumbles

Thursday, August 04, 2005

something epic

luxury - green hearts

a power pop gem that has some killer drum fills amongst insanely catchy vocals and keyboard squiggles. on the latest and greatest power pop compilation, yellow pills.

the keys - i don't want to cry

this one sounds a little more dated than the one above but still rips with some really neat vocal inflections and guitar lines. this is getting ridiculously succint. tr-tr-trust me.

-ace von grumbles

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

i never thought it would happen

math and physics club - love, again

belle and sebastian light? or just crazy in their own way and holding it down. either way, this song shreds up that fey indie scene.

squarepusher - iambic 9 poetry

ooooh such a good instrumental jam, make sure to turn the volume up on this...everything is mixed so light and the drums are just crazy.

-ace von grumbles