Tuesday, March 01, 2005

i can't go to sleep

mochipet - johnny cash vs. cash money millionaires

oh this song is some ace mashup work. mochipet has a full album of cuts where the only real associations between the multiple songs being put together are the names of the groups. for example, neil diamond vs king diamond vs the lion king. also, mochipet is a reference to rice cakes in japanese which is noice. if i were a ninja, i'd listen exclusively to mochipet and maybe the soundtrack to aladdin.

zumpano - the party rages on

carl newman and his old underrated power pop band slays on this stop start rhythm zoomer which reminds me of a mix between some cars and xtc if that's even possible. carl went on to later contribute for the new pornagraphers and as his solo act ac newman. dude has some angry hair.


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