Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Painted by Numbers

Jeans Team - Berlin am Meer

some dancey synth pop from germany. tinny sounds prevail from the land of chocolate. according to some german magazine, "Raffiniert kombinieren Jeans Team House mit Elementen der Neuen Deutschen Welle. Mit ihrer eingängigen Mixtur aus Niedlichkeit und Komplexität könnten sie als erste Berlin-Band der neuesten Generation auch international den Durchbruch schaffen.” Neon Magazin, 1/2005. OH REALLY

Guerilla Black - Compton

yo shoot those machine guns in the air cuz biggie's back from the dead, chomping up mad rhymes on some rasta boogie beat. no, but seriously, guerilla black may sound a little bit like biggie. and he may be fat like biggie. but he pulls of a banger with a style his own with this joint.

Genesis - No Reply at All

you gotta smile with this one. thie one is so early 80s with its mad pop hilarious bass lines and a horn section from earth wind and fire.


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