Monday, January 10, 2005

run if you sell drugs in a school zone run if you gettin chased with no shoes on

The Choir - It's Cold Outside

damyo hard to believe this was penned by a 16 year old from Cleveland around 1966. the choir originally started as a beatles, zombies, the who, troggs, and moody blues cover band playing at roller rinks around their area. definitely fits in with the mersey scene which was imported from liverpool and has stuck around til today because of its memorable bits. can't deny it this one's a thrillah.

Wagon Christ - Saddic Gladdic

sorry i make you lush, a ninja tune release, opens up with this feel good sci-fi burner. heads up for 1:02 from then on it's gooooold. Luke Vibert, the man waxing the boards, throws all his camp samples into the mix but nothing can distract from this song's ability to make you go mmmmm.


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