Tuesday, January 04, 2005

i'm a nike head and I wear chains that incite the feds and ain't a damn thing gonna change

Mantronix - bassline

this song is silly fresh from 1985's self titled debut from dj Mantronik and MC Tee. the beat is clever, the drums is 80s, the bass line is glue holding together the skeleton of funk, and the synth line is so necessary. not too many heads including synth solo breakdowns when cracking beats nowadays. play this at your next dance party....word.

Shugo Tokumaru - Sleet

the japanese are crazy fellas, and this song is pure bliss. this is off shugo's night piece album which is gaining some steam on this side of the globe for good reason. "sleet" starts off serenely but then spreads out into some serious head bumping. it strides the fine line of hitting organic and robotic with a melody straight out metal gear of your old nintendo system. the rest of night piece is more acoustic guitar and folk but always charming. oh yea, the picture above is of some random japanese students that might be named shugo and not of the esteemed artist.

i was thinking about putting up some top whatever lists for the year 04 but now...nahyo maybe laters.


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