Monday, January 24, 2005

precise like brain surgery

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Chris Richards - Is there anybody else?

chris richards is an energetic power popper who is almost as tight as marshall crenshaw was back in the day. this song barrels through riffs and a killer chorus madly while envoking all the golden sounds of a classic pop song.

Headlights - Centuries

headlights is a champaign band who creates a more relaxed and mooged out brand of pop, similar to koufax and sharing a sound a wee bit like the rentals. the use of female and male vocalists adds to the group's dynamics. no diggity!!!

Kano ft. Demon and Wiley - Mic Fight

this is off a grime compilation. i'm feeling a little bit of a middle eastern vibe, like MIA could kill on this, with the high and piercing slide and a bass that jumps in and out and will rumble your trousers off. wiley's always been a king to me, producing some of dizzee rascal's best joints and also killing on his own album, especially the song pies. it's good to get exposure to other artists in this genre, especially with songs like this.


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