Thursday, February 10, 2005

none of that hacky sack drum circle

bringing that sunny pop for a snowy day

dios - starting five

one of those songs that utilizes playground field recordings, like belle and sebastians - if youre feeling sinister, to make an even more whimsical song sound even more magical. or scary, if you're my girlfriend. this band is reproducing some of the best sounds of california and hails from the same town as the beach boys. too bad they had to change their name to dios malos because of some jerk from black sabbath.

band of bees - a minha menina

a cover of an excellent brazillian pop song by os mutantes which i think surpasses the original in enthusiasm and sound. these brits bring the surf rock while also showing some brazillian and latin groove leanings. ahh YES

big star - thirteen

utterly classic. so classic it hurts. on every indie kid's crappy mixtape given to some girl he barely talks to cuz he's such a dork. oh wait maybe that's just me. OH SHIT IDENTITY LEAK. from the minds of bell and chilton comes this simple jangle pop, off the 72 album number one record which has a reach and influence far more powerful than most can imagine.


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