Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Ensembles of Cortical Neurons in Primates

Daedelus - Move On (with Set)

for rizzels this one starts little slow with some kling klang samurai nonsense but then settles into a smooth trickle that makes you forget about the other daedelus songs even tho they gots the bigshots like mf doom. set fits the rhymes nicely with a laid back attitude and ddddangerous flow.

Saturday Looks Good to Me - Underwater Heartbeat

OK so they're kinda weird looking in the above picture but boy these cats bring the feel good vibe to their music and shows. i saw them perform and their drummer didn't show which I thought would suck but it turned out to be very cool. they still held everyone's attention with great covers of Big Star and some sunshine fixes of their own. also noteworthy was the hottttttness of the singer (top middle) YOWZA. for seroius

-ace von grumbles


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