Tuesday, March 22, 2005

no more shoes

stephen malkmus - mama

off the new face the truth albulum. so far i think this album is catchy, a little bit of a continuation of the jam style of pig lib but with songs like this that would probably fit in well on his first self titled record. maybe the most immediately catchy. i wanted to put up no more shoes but that ish is 8 mins long son!

lemonheads - talk i'd tell you

oooh one of my favorite pop songs. you'd think that was some nostalgic moment i'm reviving right here but nahyo, i listened to this song for the first time just recently. one of the finer pieces from the alt-rock movement.

golden dogs - elevator man

ok so yea not much variety today, but maybe that's a good thing as all these songs are soul crushingly catchy. ok, so the malkmus hasn't yet been proven to hold on in the long run, the golden dogs i think are from canadia but i'm not so sure as they're not even on allmusic yet. fresh cucumber with a latin feel and rhythm.

-ace von grumbles


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