Thursday, April 24, 2008

VIBE medial lemniscus dorsal column nice team iced tea

soul matorade - teenage vibe affair
1. grindmode - floating
2. hot dollar - get naked ft shawty redd
3. ballgreezy - shone
4. mazzarati - ride it like a pony
5. playboy tre - nite life ft b.o.b.
6. lil wayne - lollipop ft static major
7. goon camp - supa star
8. prgz - rollin

sooooo its all sweeping pads, stabbing synths, a couple orchestra hits and phased out video game sweeps with parts r&b crooning and parts dirty club talk so you can ride around shining mini mix. the lil wayne lollipop is yea, uve heard it, but in this context {[{vibe music}]} it started to make more sense to me. dirty souf+trance or somethin on sumof dum. epique.

ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN WE AINT SLEPT IN WEEKS. if i had to pick favs on this theyd be that mazzarati, that hot dollar, that playboy tre, and that grindmode. hats off to low-bee (dsj). FUCCCCCCCCCC

-bass jawn grumbles

Monday, April 21, 2008


Yea im makin up for lost time so ima throw a bunch o tracks your way, my heartz meltinga ps some of these songs are really old, and or I have no idea why they are on my computer in the first place. hillduff the only joke song up there all the rest are real SPECTOCTOPUS

Aphex Twin-Avril 14th
Chops-Git Dat Mutha(extended outro)

Curtis Vodka-It Aint All Bad

DetektivbYRan- Nattoppet

Daniel Wang-All Flowers Must Fade

DJ Drez and Marty Williams-I Look Fly

Nico- Ill Keep it with Mine(Cousin Cole & Pocketknife)


Prince-Take Me With You(live)

Leona Lewis-Bleeding Love(Stevie Tech Nicks Live edit)

Pate No 1- Shining Star(LIFELIKE)
Nobuo Uematsu-To Far Away Times

Mark Mothersbaugh-Let Me Tell You About My Boat

Hillary Duff-Sweet Sixteen

Natasha-Hey Hey Hey

Estelle-More Than Friends

Air- Once Upon A Time

David Crosby-Music is Love

-Rupert Sylvestre

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bawlin like pele

ricky blaze - cut dem off
young mc - know how (gutter remix)
the whitest boy alive - golden cage (fred falke remix)
hi-tek - the sun god (ft common)
juan mclean - happy house
bobby brown - girlfriend

haha jk we not bawlin ///// dem ricky blaze synths been KILLIN ME 4 DAYZ, OH AND DANG YOU GOTTA GET THAT JYOUNG MC ><><>< juan mclean has been aging in bloghphsohper terms of life cycles akuna matata but its still a pretty long anthem banger, whatever. switching it up with that sun god shit, put that on when you smiling and that sun is BLAOW on that face. i just got the bobby brown definitive collection, and it hits hard. norway?! whitest boy alive, erlend oyes rock poppier thang gets rejuked up from fred falke.

oh yea ps this song is hot too

-ace von grumbleys

Friday, April 11, 2008


pains of being pure at heart - a teenager in love
maria hcarey - loving you long time
she & him - sentimental heart

BLAOW yea i be postin on the regular ( ahha for dos dias thats it fulks) but yeoa hoefully this mc yam is that next super single, i could get in line for that upllifting strut. pains of being pure at heart is some c86 fuzzed out rocketship pop, STR8 UP. she and him is zoooeyyyy, so yea yea laid back bumbly campfire pop/// happy 8 loml :D

-ace von grum blelyey

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

i will dance with you, take you where the stars explode

depreciation guild - digital solace
depreciation guild - butterfly kisses
soul coughing - circles
estelle - pretty please
plantlife - stardancer

DANG AH BIN GUN AWHYLE, jax in action noahw cuz ah no u bin missin it. hahaNOT . but n.e.wayz, depreciation guild employs that NES to bark out some creamy chip tones while swirlin evertythanig right over it. shoeeegazein/? soul coughin is a throwback, dont let it get stuck in your head JUST HEARIN IT ONCE MAY DO JUS DAT. estelle is one of the more soulful yoint z on her new albublubm, produced by jack flash was a part of that plantlife project back in the day that kILLED!!%@#% look up that whole album if yaoua can plorzeease

-ace gon vrumbles