Thursday, April 24, 2008

VIBE medial lemniscus dorsal column nice team iced tea

soul matorade - teenage vibe affair
1. grindmode - floating
2. hot dollar - get naked ft shawty redd
3. ballgreezy - shone
4. mazzarati - ride it like a pony
5. playboy tre - nite life ft b.o.b.
6. lil wayne - lollipop ft static major
7. goon camp - supa star
8. prgz - rollin

sooooo its all sweeping pads, stabbing synths, a couple orchestra hits and phased out video game sweeps with parts r&b crooning and parts dirty club talk so you can ride around shining mini mix. the lil wayne lollipop is yea, uve heard it, but in this context {[{vibe music}]} it started to make more sense to me. dirty souf+trance or somethin on sumof dum. epique.

ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLLIN WE AINT SLEPT IN WEEKS. if i had to pick favs on this theyd be that mazzarati, that hot dollar, that playboy tre, and that grindmode. hats off to low-bee (dsj). FUCCCCCCCCCC

-bass jawn grumbles


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