Wednesday, March 12, 2008

just a ({({({({({(touch)})})})})})}) ..>?>?@#%

geggy tah - whoever you are
juvelen - don't mess
jamie lidell - another day
estelle - waiting (just a touch)

wor dow rod woROD some killl for the bill. aha geggy tah is GENUIS. weezy on the beat. lol. 90 oz cah commerSHALL WE NOW?@!#% HUH. WHERE MY MONEY AT. juvelen swedish pop starr, jamie lidell brit pop blue eyed seoul, estelle some feisty lady. i enjoy her hair cut cuz i think i used to hvae it YGG YGG. habits die hard when y ou got a sentimental heart, DEWDZ/ DOODZ? WHAT IS RITE AMIRITE THESIS DAYS?@#% JEANS FOR GROWN UPS --- SLEF PROCLIAMMED ALCOHLIC BUSINESSMAN WEAR U AT?

-ace von grumbbeeeeesss! BEES! AHHHHHH


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