Tuesday, March 04, 2008

i dont even listen to music anymore

real life - send me an angel
sebastien tellier - divine

playa - cheers 2 u
brandy - i wanna be down

yao on the srslzy natural this is what is HATNIN TELL ME GIRL oomph real life the wizard calllifooornia thats a real turok dinosaur hunter trying to play with my heart DANG I NEED A NEW IPOD //// i just listen to a lot of wgci in my car radio on the way to class and then i cant remember the names of the good songs or else id put them up on HERE sebastien tellier is just like ahm ohm uhm ehm a lil goofster of a jant, the real love comes in that PLAYA and BRANDYa.

-ace von grumblezzzzzzzzz

ps this is what tyler did to get tough, ol' tony THE H MAN

"you guys ready? let's rooock and rolllll" "gotta breathe man" "feel that stretch paul? feel that stretch lise? all right girl, cmon"

"EVERYBODY IN POSITION CMON!" "gotta breathe, gotta breathe" "cmon lets see it" "WHATS THAT HEAD, DOIN ON THE FLO?!?!@#%" "little bonus move!"


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