Tuesday, January 22, 2008

cool it nowwww

cam'ron - pass the dutchie
cadence weapon - limited edition oj slammer

sally shapiro - he keeps me alive cadence weapn mix

new edition - count me out

I NEED SOME INSPIRATION. winter bluez on this creative tip. boourns. i've mostly been jamming mississippi john hurt's best of for some delta blues fingerpickin and yellow diamonds on mah teeth, call em cheese on my grits fingerlickin goodness. i need to pick up some new instrument or SOMETNHIN, ANYTHIN. AT LEAST I GOT ZELDA ON NINTENDO DS : )))))))))))))))))))00 @#$&^#&

iaas - t-pain loves to flirt
(grab this first to check out, so good)

Teddy Penderazdoun's Bizarre Love Decahedron (full album)

it's a remix album by alexander "i am a sandwich/ rookie from nashville" chandler telling the story of t-pain's lost and found loves, and featuring the likes of r. kelly, beyonce, t.i., chris brown, akon, young joc, bow wow, e-40, a sandwich as a robot, and of course everybody's favorite singer of all time, t-pain. a;lskdyrup i'll post more rxns after the jump

-ace von grumbles


Blogger funky fresh freddy cat said...

does are reaaaal nice.

...and so are does yams.

12:13 AM  

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