Thursday, November 29, 2007

like the '96 Bulls combined with a pot of yams

another bad creation - iesha
boys II men - motown philly

colour me bad - i wanna sex you up

more new jack funnnn, OOOHHH, real good part in that ABC is the bgv all NINTENDOOOOO, you know how we get down. check the youtube video for graf overalls (omgx859378234). i swear one day i'll listen to some new music, like, 2008 superfuture yams, but for now i been studyin sew much cyborg architecture that i just aint got the thymus for it YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN TO MEEEEEEE, , , ,,,.kajdsf;lkj2134 ASDFZXCV>,jw3r523-_++++ @.@ ^*^-^*^

-ace von grumbles


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