Tuesday, May 26, 2009

after hours menanimal techno

miike snow - burial (dj mehdi rmx)
radiant dragon - cloud seeking

i dont care, just listen. esp the 1st s0ng

"i amputate you __ i'm diabetes" - juelz santanas

-ronald oh.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i need a sports beer!

ariel pink-s haunted graffiti - can't hear my eyes
ariel pink-s haunted graffiti - alisa
ariel pink-s haunted graffiti - 4 kate i w8
ariel pink-s haunted graffiti - ramamaa ya
dwele - i think i luv u (siik rmx)
animal collections - summer time clothing (dam funk rmx)

just some crusty lo fi gutter pop for all yall with tha ariel. i should be making $hitty music like that? i dotn know, but like cooler and louder, pipe dreams and alt dimensions, man. yea, i need something NEW. WHATS UP 2009. closing it down smooth, ultra, and mellow. follow ur dreams~*~

-lamdom domovam

Monday, May 18, 2009


Clio - Eyes

this here is a quick jam, which appeared on the scene in '86, i first heard it and it surely caught my attention. i thought it was so good i decided to put it up

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i feel your fire

Angie St Philip - Light Up My Heart
Expose - Point of no return (Extended mix)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam & Full Force - I Wonder If I Take U Home [Extended Version]
Messenjah - Crazy
Yuri's Nominee - All You Know
Electric Youth - Replay (Cyndi Seui Remix)
Cyndi Seui - Breakin Into Bitz (Justin Faust Remix)
Cyndi Seui - Breakin into Bitz (Gramaphone Feed yr Love)
Cyndi Seui - FLASH BACK
Cyndi Seui - INTO the GROOV RMX (Feat.Gene Kasidit)

heres some stuff ive been sittin on for awile now/ mah computer was being all gay and i ended up losing most of my new music. anyway here is some jams both new and old that ive liked. i am really digging all the cyndi seui which i ended up posting a lot of. i put up two the the breaking into bitz tracks because i couldnt decide which i liked more, so i just went with both. im now just thinking the justin faust remix is more for me but idk. enjoyss

Monday, May 11, 2009

cant front on yall

action ... inspiration
avner - bed for mig
bag oakland raiders - shooting strs
camr'on - les talk about ft jakadiss
camr'on - silky (no homo)
chilled by nature - otherness (windsurf's golden bear dub)
crisete michelle - 'piphany
debbie deb - whn i hear music
dent may - meet me in the garden
futurecop! - booom
incredible moses leroy - anthem
big pink - vu gang gang dance remix
wiz khalifa - ode 2 naked pop strs

dang, had a good ting runnin'. here's a mega zip pack of nice $hit 4 when ur feelin lonley.

dont know how i got here.  if u <3 indy rock, go str8 2 the second halv of the muxtape.  burn this on a cdr and blahst it in ur minivans;

-does ne1 want to get real into dubstep with me

Friday, May 01, 2009

lets all get jobs and fast cars and race each other forever

b00m r00m?
2000F & J Kamata - U don't know what love is
ciarra - i dont remember (polow d don)
casssie - must b l0ve (ft ditty)
marvelettes - too many fish in the sea (dj b.cause OOH edit)

ok the first tune just smashes, dubstep grime time with a soul sounding vocoder and ridiculo egyptian synths. i want to hear it in da clubs so bad (even tho i dont go to da clubs n.e. more, sighhh0)

ciarra is one of those poptresses who keeps flirting with the notion of this perfect, futuristic cooing female robot who can ride out and make any beat seductive. especially weird synth pad soundscapes and sounds that belong in comic book movies. which is pretty tempting for society. maybe everyone has been realizing how strong and awesome the contrast was with aaliyah and timbalands weirdo beats. cassie also might fit that mold, and i tthink that now she's under diddy's umbreealla she might get enough exposure and relevance to continue to pursue that dream. the song i put up is just as much sweet sandy throwback as it is superfuture, tho, so here's to hoping she continues ascending into outer space.

janelle monae might be the one 1 or 2upping everyone and chasing that goal most intentionally, although sometimes ure just like dang i could tell this girl was a total theater kid in high school. like shes all about the perfect things - the year 2719, 1927 science fiction literature, a synth orchestra, being a nerdy black girl, the impending robot takeover (haha well maybe shes into that), she just needs to pull it together with the backbone of good simple pop songs. im stoked to see what she puts out next 4 sure

tha marvellettes re edit is just a good song, making me think that more modern rnb female singers should up their doo wop backing vocals and harmonies on every song.

hmmmmmm why did i write so much.  i feel like todd knife

>>>should i go to pitchfork music fest this year? id want to see yeasayer, charles hamilton, lindstrom, vivian girls and da pains, and most importantly the flaming lips (never seen em) but I JUST DONT KNOWWWWW.  maybe i should just vacation in brazil