Thursday, May 14, 2009

i feel your fire

Angie St Philip - Light Up My Heart
Expose - Point of no return (Extended mix)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam & Full Force - I Wonder If I Take U Home [Extended Version]
Messenjah - Crazy
Yuri's Nominee - All You Know
Electric Youth - Replay (Cyndi Seui Remix)
Cyndi Seui - Breakin Into Bitz (Justin Faust Remix)
Cyndi Seui - Breakin into Bitz (Gramaphone Feed yr Love)
Cyndi Seui - FLASH BACK
Cyndi Seui - INTO the GROOV RMX (Feat.Gene Kasidit)

heres some stuff ive been sittin on for awile now/ mah computer was being all gay and i ended up losing most of my new music. anyway here is some jams both new and old that ive liked. i am really digging all the cyndi seui which i ended up posting a lot of. i put up two the the breaking into bitz tracks because i couldnt decide which i liked more, so i just went with both. im now just thinking the justin faust remix is more for me but idk. enjoyss


Blogger erik b and rakim said...

that lisa lisa song has been sampled lalot. both those rmzxx are fan tastic

6:15 PM  

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