Friday, May 02, 2008

your hams are big and unfashionable but i am down +++

juvelen - money don't talk
soul decision - faded

YEOAH, wha it do. juvelen is full o dem big ol' biscuits, ima be ringin the fuggggout daalbum, chokfull of gangbusters! he NEEDS to heat up chicgao one day wifffa vliveshow. soul decision waterin my eyez lahk 22 ton butterscotch waterfalls, way 2 many shook up hams.

osborne - 16th stage
sebastien tellier - divine (danger remix)

hummmanow i dunt hughzzzsually do dis but the REUPDATE gang full swingset jump off! osborne mad pleasant headphone, cue em up. divine gets squelchy, b;lkj;ljkap087wer)(&)&()#%&)( YHER OU HEARD?!$%?)))(%U#$%][po;lasjdfj ;wOU&@#%



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