Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anyway - I wish I had lots of money. Like, 'fuck you' money. you know?

gift of dreams - mandroid
cashmere - can i
midnight star - electricity

first .5 of this post is is is is some 80s electro funk. iunno, some real get down on the weekend dont even gotta pay any parking meters shit. thanks to bluto. i gotta check out a lot more of this jeanre. beat your booty.

born ruffians - i need a life
the dodos - fools
yo la tengo - you can have it all

ok so well these is my recent indy499 epoppers. seen them born ruffians play. canadian outbaccccc crooners. dodos is some big zoo animal collection rip off, and yo la tengo is that CLASSIC. AND THEN NOTHING TURNED ITSELF INTO NOTHING. oh yea everybody hsould already be real into tigercity. i saw them and they were amazing. 2 out of 4 were wearing big zoo shirts, but most importantly, they brought that boogie down. theyre workin on their full length soon. i need to buy some surfing dvds. paintingsz artist=dan ah kim, cool la8tr

-ace von gurmblbly (he dont take no jive)


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