Saturday, September 22, 2007


yelle - amour du sol

OH GOT IT POPPIN ITS LIKE THIS THAT LOVE SONG MAYBE id ntn even knowww anymore just got mah black jeans on like mah names wale

these are two design ideas for a diabetes walk like raisin money for the cure and raisin eyebrows with such poppin designs, ya dig?

-ace von grumbles

Monday, September 03, 2007

Boner Fadez Shadez and Babez

Ah ey der Interwebules I just bringin ya dis mix straight from the buhllasted mind of some juicy dude. Body SLAMMED a table cuz I from SALT RAGE CITY. Woke up nex day after time travelin, ya know dat real teleportin and found this mix on my computer wit fucccen brazilliant tracks I never heard before. Broadzillacast loud, get those broom-mates upset. grab dis and get brain ery day ya know it all. track 13 should be on a diff mix

Some Juicy Dude Mix

1. Prince-Do Yourself A Favor
2. Michael Jackson-P.Y.T. 12 inch remix
3. Ladyhawke-Paris is Burning
4. San Serac-Fairlight
5. Tiger City-Are You Sensation
6. The Dream-Shawty is Da Sh*!(Clean)
7. Midnight Juggernauts- Out of the Storm(Kris Menace Remix)
8. Luther Vandross-Never Too Much
9. Timbaland-Way I Are(Cousin Cole's Unwound Mix)
10. Imagination-Changes
11. Armand Van Helden-I Want Your Soul
12. The Chris Farley Arcade-Real Life(Every Breath You Take Part Deux)
13. New Order-Bizarre Love Panties(DJ HALF PRICE)
14. Alan Braxe and Kris Menace-Lumberjack
15. Paul Devro-Everywhere

da juicyyyyyest muhhhhfucr you ever see ask me bout my shooooz