Wednesday, May 30, 2007

disco doctor

caribou - melody day
curtis vodka - summer 2007 eastside westside bounce to this

OH REALLY. ive sen snaith (cariboue) on tour, its worth ya time and moneys. manitoba still a real good look. also, curtis vodka makin alaska hot.

moonage daydream

some dumb mix i made. dont know how long it willl last, so get ahn it bols.

disc 1
legends - call it ours
duvall - standing at the door
the bees (us) - imaginary girl
sondre lerche - everyone is rooting for you
brendan benson - last man standing
feist - one two three four
guillemots - made up love song 43
jamie lidell - multiply (piano by gonzales)
kings of convenience - id rather dance with you
loveninjas - keep your love
mersenne - clerks
todd rundgren - you left me sore
van morrison - jackie wilson said (im in heaven when you smile)
clash - lost in the supermarket
elvis costello - running out of angels
saturday looks good to me - dialtone
the toms - sun
voxtrot - start of something
kings of convenience - misread (acoustic)
velvet underground - after hours

disc 2 (moonage)
yelle - ce jeu (them jeans edit)
pleasure - uptown
sara love - lets get physical
uffie - first love
chromeo - mommas boy
kano - nite nite (ft leo the lion)
juvelen - of course i remember
marvin gaye - so freah so clean blend
amel larrieux - trouble
chris farley arcade - dan carron wins mister evil pageanta
blow - parentheses
figurine - mah first ufo remix by ckid
gentle touch - fascination
genesis - no reply at all
mariah carey - heartbreaker
r kelly - ignition blend remix

Thursday, May 17, 2007


ne-yo - spotlight bonuuussss
sara love - lets get physical
amerie - talkin bout siik remix
chromeo - momma's boy

OOOOOOF srsly whaaaa is life wah-lay still packin heat babay you a supah staaarhhh ne-yo got that summertime vibe, siik always flips tha dick so hard, and sara love is an electro covah dang look at your shinin (giiirrrlllll). and the chrome is nasty electro

-ace von grumbles

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

mah computer broke

wont be able to post for a couple o days l8r doodz but hey heres a mix i made
1 r kelly sex in the kitchen remix
2 wale good girl cousin cole remix
3 bella if i was your girlfriend
4 spank rock backyard betty
5 pleasure silk dream
6 soft lightes grlskllbera lo fi fnk remix
7 candy hill juicy
8 lo fi fnk shouldah lean remix young dro
9 figurine miss miss
10 teenagers homecoming
11 nicolas makelberge so young
12 le sport
13 destinys child so good
14 ghostface good
15 donnie sloan call you up
16 17 18 19 lo fi fnk the end

+ some more songs aha double timin

-ace von grumbles