Wednesday, May 30, 2007

disco doctor

caribou - melody day
curtis vodka - summer 2007 eastside westside bounce to this

OH REALLY. ive sen snaith (cariboue) on tour, its worth ya time and moneys. manitoba still a real good look. also, curtis vodka makin alaska hot.

moonage daydream

some dumb mix i made. dont know how long it willl last, so get ahn it bols.

disc 1
legends - call it ours
duvall - standing at the door
the bees (us) - imaginary girl
sondre lerche - everyone is rooting for you
brendan benson - last man standing
feist - one two three four
guillemots - made up love song 43
jamie lidell - multiply (piano by gonzales)
kings of convenience - id rather dance with you
loveninjas - keep your love
mersenne - clerks
todd rundgren - you left me sore
van morrison - jackie wilson said (im in heaven when you smile)
clash - lost in the supermarket
elvis costello - running out of angels
saturday looks good to me - dialtone
the toms - sun
voxtrot - start of something
kings of convenience - misread (acoustic)
velvet underground - after hours

disc 2 (moonage)
yelle - ce jeu (them jeans edit)
pleasure - uptown
sara love - lets get physical
uffie - first love
chromeo - mommas boy
kano - nite nite (ft leo the lion)
juvelen - of course i remember
marvin gaye - so freah so clean blend
amel larrieux - trouble
chris farley arcade - dan carron wins mister evil pageanta
blow - parentheses
figurine - mah first ufo remix by ckid
gentle touch - fascination
genesis - no reply at all
mariah carey - heartbreaker
r kelly - ignition blend remix


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