Sunday, August 30, 2009

u belong wit/ me

do u rememb>
the drumbs - lets go surfin
memory casett e - asleep at a pawrty
the xoxo - do u mind??
a grave w n o name s-foia


ok here is why each song is cool
drumbs - 60s surf rock structure, stuck in my head. top of my list. its like... when was this written?
memaory coastet - dreamy, beautiful
xoxoxos - minimal pop sounds 2 easy
s0fi0a - slow sludge rocck that somehow sounds crusty and gorgeous at the same time

-ernie and the 10 pins

Friday, August 28, 2009

what if you're a fat guy in a skinny suit eating a fat sandwich

some dum crap
vistouso bosses - delirious
2keke palmer - first crush
gurls - helllhle rattrace
rubeis - diamonds on firee pyram1d dub vrsn sorceror
memory casette - surfing we1rd tap3s vrsn

back! havent had a comp for a MINUTE, so here's s0me str8 shooter sh9t. here are some albums i have "bought" recently that i am pumped about checking out in my spare tire time. yall have any opinions? what are the best ablums for the year 3009 so far? i have been too busy watching the bee movie ft jerry seinfeld (on repeat... boom!)
girls - girls album
memmory tapes - seeek magic
yacht - mr. e .light
health get colour

-al boooom@!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Part 1 -
The Depreciation Guild - Dream About Me
The Depreciation Guild - Listless
Discovery - Osaka Loop Line
Discovery - So Insane
FM Attack - Sleepless Nights
FM Attack - Take Me Away

Part 2
Frankfurt Express - Wake Up
Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Disco Dub)
Kano - Another Life
Passion Pit - The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix)
Royksopp - What Else Is There (Thin White Duke Mix)
The Electric Road (Morgan Page Bootleg)
Visitor - Los Feeling (rough mix)

hey sorry about dat. REAL late on these, its been like 2 months since ANYBODY posted so i at least had to put up some real jams. i dont really want to write out how i feel about each track but ill just say they are all songs that i have been playing a lot and i keep listening to em.

i have a mix that is real old that i made awiles back and its nnot too bad that i will try to get up real soon. keep checking dem brilliant corners for more posts to come

also the pic at the top for the diabetes walk t-shirt might be sweet. let me know what you think.