Thursday, June 05, 2008

now all she want me to do is to f#@% the police

lil wayne - mrs officer
sean garrett - girlfriend ringtone ft lil wayne
wale - the opening sequence
jes se mc cartney - leaving

yea, so what! that boyband flip produced by the dream so it slides, yea. lil wayne is crazy, the charter tree has some epic lines and some so-so trax. david banner brings some super theatrical out of left field beats! that wale opening sequence is the first song off dis><^<><^><^><^ i really like the remake of a remake, still digesting tho! wale's mixtape about nothin - not literally all raps about seinfeld, just random thoughts by wale about nothin with some seinfeld refs thrown in here and there:
yo! download here (two parts to keep it at 320). - 1-10 - 11-19


-sega dreamcast bass fishing


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