Saturday, June 14, 2008

man sucks to be you guys my social network is all wailing guitars and motorbike explosions

wu tang - can it all be so simple

CLASSIC #WON. sometimes i get wu tang, sometimes i dont. i was watching mtv jams today and was all dayum, i fuccin get this song. the beat is awkward and lumbering combared to todays radios glossy beats, but man, touches my soul. ive prolly listened to this song like 20 times today at least! im cool!

little toni marsh - video burnout
the movies - jukebox

80s foknk. i couldnt google image either of these dudes or whatever, so i put up this guy escaping an exploding meth lab to represent these songs best

rubies - i feel electric
alex lee - take it mighty version

haha some dum ol lil thang are you bees? is some blogrock, and the alex lee is some throwback rave jam with those pianNOOOOSSSS.

-sometimes i rhyme quick sometimes i rhyme slooooowwwwww


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