Friday, December 28, 2007

Fuck the slice, we want the pie

This is that shit where you know you've got that hook, so you just slam on it for awhile, throw in a bridge, then just slam the hook until you're done. I just wish that intro riff showed up again. Also, Skip Spence is a massive weirdo, which is sweet.

Moby Grape - Omaha

Thursday, December 20, 2007


hey cowbozy

chaka khan - i feel for you
vampire weekend - cape cod kwassa kwassa
white williams - new violence

CHAKA KHAN BRINGS IT. extraordinaiiirrrr jordans ---~~~basicly white 4 the 1.02 thyme blastuff nothin 2 excitin but jyst pretttttty nice, blandpyro weknd cuz ahve been busy, ok?!$? YEESH PULL SIMON. .

heya;sd;f i guess im dueluin out zomb yard end lust hear we goh! AWE,NESTLE {quik, banana/?}

ablums i cread bout yea lahk u dint no arleady // lahk u actuary wunna kno
1 juvelen. ep
2 lil wayne. da drought 3
3 wale. 100 miles and running
4 chromeo. fancy footwork
5 tough alliance. a new chance
6 tiger city. pretend not to love
7 jens lekman. night falls over kortedala
8 private. my secret lover
9 cool kids. totally flossed out + m.i.a. kala
10 r. kelly. double up + kanye west. graduation
11 lucky soul. the great unwanted
12 gui borrato. chromophobia
13 dungen. tio bitar
14 rihanna. good girl gone bad + spank rock. bangers & cash
15 chris farley arcade. i need my robo-porn

hm i guz ahve bin going moe pop as of l8, still ned2 git2 radiohead, other undie staplez lahk whatzuvna. gotta listen to more wutang, ghostface of courze. if you njoy rollin stroh's, youd paralaya njoy king khan & his shrines. what is_! herzs uh list that ppl thought bout u can redad. tho i think whitney>lc>lo ok cool yea later

-ace von grumglzbzezewr143

Friday, December 07, 2007


The cephalobabes (Greek plural Κεφαλόποδα; "head-babe") are the class Cephalobaba characterized by bilateral body symmetry, a prominent and attractive head, a muscular hydrostat in the form of a tongue. Teuthology, a branch of malacology, is the study of cephalobabes. Cephalobabes are thought to have evolved from the Odontosaurus, or Edmontosaurus.

Private-My Secret Lover
10 Songs. Track 3 is huge in Denmark I think. Watch out for tracks 1,2,4,8.

Tepr-Minuit Jacuzzi(DatA remix)

My Mine-Hypnotic Tango
Nice Hook

Sex O'Clock USA-Baby Come On

Yea this is real.