Friday, June 30, 2006

been daydreaming

futureheads - favours for favours
be your own pet - bicycle bicycle you are my bicycle

the absolute maximum jam from the futureheads album, took me a while to find it because the f'eads got into some real slow ballads compared to their last outing that took some while to get into real tight. be your own pet is some grrrl yelly face riot noise nonsense that i usually shy away from, but this ones getting to me little by little. next update real soon cuz i been on the downs now ups. its real hard not to like that futureheads song on the serious

-ace von grumbles

Friday, June 23, 2006

all goes out the window

mclusky - she will only bring you happiness
nelly furtado - do it
someone still loves you boris yeltsin - oregon girl

mclusky is usually a cuss in your mothers face outfit but this one is their poppy am radio hit (well not really) that only has a couple repeating offensive lines. but real nice play it at your wedding stuff compared to their other output. nelly furtado obv loves timb beats and stupid synth. sslyby is some gay indie pop that is glue to the brain.

-ace von grumbles

Monday, June 19, 2006

the difference between me and you is that im not on fire

camron - love my life

srsly now im just all abou camrons uplifting slow jamz, now matter how much ghryeness they bring they still slaayyy me

whitest boy alive - don't give up

simply GORGEOUS. zomg erlend oye (solo artist and kings of convenience member) is once again supremely laying down some extra thick vox in the dorkiest best way possible. just swells out the speaker near the end

-ace von grumbles

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

through the walls

bronski beat - smalltown boy
sonic youth - do you believe in rapture
ellen allien and apparat - leave me alone

ok so the story goes real synth pop from an absolute synth va album i got, a laid back sonic not very youthful track that you gotta listen to once and pay atttention at 1:50-2:10 because thats when it gets gorgeous, and a new bass click synth techno slice from germania or something.

-ace von grumbles

Monday, June 12, 2006

well, seeya later!

oh uasdfioasupdf world cup omgzors

todosantos - 1999

ok so this whole album (todosantos - aeropuerte) has this crazy ridiculous pop plus world music plus effin elements from shoegaze to ghetto booty bass just randomly tossed into songs. kinda real into it nahimean? ...venezuela

headlights - put us back together

some champaign illinois keyboard hyphy pop that brings some mad melodies. this is one rumbler of a song, not as strictly pop as eps of the past but still makes it real good.

-ace von grumbles

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


lo-fi-fnk - adore

some real ace electro-washed synthey super pop

think about life - bastian and the boar

real lo-fi like organ driven rock song that reminds a little bit of walkmen a little bit of girls are short, the album reaches some high marks

-ace von grumbles

Saturday, June 03, 2006

smile its the weekend

fontan - beautiful bastards

real sketchy drums bombard you all electro like until some wonderful acoustic guitar strums your face off.

suburban kids with biblical names - loop duplicate my heart

always a sucker for these real terrible drum loops slash endearing melodies.

-ace von grumbles