Wednesday, March 04, 2009

whats the status gladys

loosies pack here
esser - work it out (the very best club rmx)
afx - laughable butane bob
phoenix - if i ever feel better (tdd redwards rmx0))
fountains of lil wayne - hey julie
mciahel jakcxons - pretty young thang (u-tern reeeidt)
your twenties - suger the bill demo

yo welcome back triumphant return this is like mariah carey coming back after retirement and winning the pga tour and marrying shaq. it is time to discover. i ahvent been researching much besiddes school stuff, so put me up on the next $hit if u got it! wagwaaan america, denmark, etc

heres an album, from brazil. iit is s a requiremtn 4 these round here parts.  below is a reappropriation of the cover art
jorge ben - africa brasil



Blogger freddy cat said...

heeeeeeey erik

great job

12:01 AM  
Blogger Todd said...

"africa ben" lol

11:55 AM  

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