Thursday, February 12, 2009

Music Reviews

Wanted to make a post about a couple music shows i went to recently. A week ago i went with a couple fine lads to see "Like rats" aka, "rat Patrol" aka, "rat Bakery". Our good friend (and now facebook friend) Todd is in the band.

We arrived around 9pm-10pm or thereabouts and met up with the two kevins on the way in. I think I met the two kevins once before but I don't remember when (previous life perhaps?) ANyways, Erik got some cups and we started doing a power hour in the corner. Then some band got up and played and it was really loud (hurt my ears). Afterwards, we talked to Todd and complimented his riffs, then we went to the official afterparty. It was at this afterparty that erik was "called out" by a person at the party for saying "yall" to much (impersonating HPO and not being authentic enough).

Fast forward to last night. It was hinted that the guy who called erik out was gonna be at schubas to see "Depreciation Guild" aka, "World of warcraft guild", aka "Tokyo Police Club", but he ended up not showing. Depreciation Guild lit that shit up and it was a shame they couldn't stay on longer. Every song they played had a different plaid theme that I think the audience really picked up and was attracted to it. I was informed after the show that the two identical twins in the band were in fact brothers. We left around midnight and then this morning I woke up and went to work.


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