Monday, February 02, 2009

got no mnoey

la la la la laaa.  denim surets ^___
this is the kind of fuzzed otu slop pop that i have alawys ben a #1fan of.  super shitty, super catchy, oh my gaowd my face.   i played this at the gym while doin pull ups, i did like 5 of em.  s00 ripped.  i wannt 2 concoct this kidn of slop pop and have sweaty sideburns and a leather jacket 
maybe this tune will insipire me and i'll work on a pwoerpop, or at least my broad interpretation of power pop, mixs b4 gossip girl 2night.  im skippin class iright now cuz hematology is mad boring.  i had a real good weekend, cuz i was in da clubs with don.  i also go ta whole nother buttload of tunes to throw up, no bile acid i hope.  what yall wearin 2day?
also the dream has a song where the chorus just repeats "i like th eway you rockin denim in dis club".  
-von grumbles


Blogger marcinio hall said...

Unfortunatley, not Denim, uh oh noo!

1:43 PM  
Blogger freddy cat said...

oh man nice shoes AMIRITE?

4:38 AM  

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