Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hallo zusammen

here are ze tunes hear

blossom dearie - i like london in the rain
change - take u to heaven
juan mclean - 1 day
junior - mama used 2 say
monseur minimal - lollipop
mylo - im back (radio ripppp)
ryan leslie - gibberish
sebastien leger - majuro
shuttle - rotten guts ft cadence weapon

hey aya;lkjflk whats up single ladiez and men and coupled up men & women+men or women here are my fav toons of the last week or 2.  the blossom dearie (r.i.p.) jsut rips, heres a picture of her.  she is cool

i guess she mostly did more white loungey sounding tings doin classical piano bits but on this she lets her drummer and bassist riff (hard) on some funky break beat while she coos or whatever over it.  yep.  the change is more 80s funk (along with the junior - mama used 2 say).  i know knot all of u dudes/ jawns are into that, but i figure a few ppl will <3> to get down to these

man that juan maclean kills on the chorus.  $hit is tents on the buildup.  then the piano cuts and the harsh strings.  mr minimal is some upbeat french air thingoid, i like the obviously black british radio girl on the mylo track.  THE RYAN LESLIE MIGHT BE MY FAV THO.  so simple.  so cute.  oh and cadence woah, tight beat yall

oh and yea last night was the Depreciation Guild show, they were good ppl and had a real good show (needed to turn up the chiptunes tho, solo in the mix).  surprised 2 c it sold out.  hopefully they made it to kuma's corner like i told em to.  the pains of playing kingdom hearts by square enix were pretty good 2, altho i think they had more energy when i saw em play in nyc.  or i was more drunk that night.  also in new york the bartender bought me my next drink after i bought 5 for myself, as like, a common practice.  why doesnt this happen in chicago?

does n.e.1 like the nu metal band the junior boys?

-ace (not reivers)


Blogger marcinio hall said...

i hear that numetal band will be playing April 2nd. lets chchcheck em out. no?

10:15 AM  
Blogger biblicalfunkband said...

junior boys are ok... but uhhh yo, Max Tundra is opening for them. he's WAY cooler. what the hell, man. doesn't brozilliant coroners know what's cool anymore?

4:20 PM  
Blogger erik b and rakim said...

holy $hitters max tundra time to buy tix brothas + sistahs

10:00 PM  

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