Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life is ever beginning..... ......................... ........ ............... ............... ................ ....................... ..............

cali drought wave
brittany spores - eff u sek amy (uturn rmx)
clark - future daniel
illa j - zounds like love (ft debster nova)
clipse - im gouda
mahmoud ahmed - tezeta

sup d00ds. somebody told me i should sell my shit more. so yeaaaaaum, that uturn is just a super discoid up smoothest strings and bass slappers counterpoint to the original digitech robofemme (obviously id rather have someone cool like cassie or ciara on the original cuz im all about that, brit just sounds so thiiiin and weak sauoze while cooing baby) so yea urtuners just slams it in a different ball parks, frank

clark is a cool man, just a lil warp records schizo with the crunch turned up. but dont worry this isnt a "banger" i hope. clark has released some real solids, i think his/ her/ their all bums have staying power in my mind. good study tunes to keep my mind jogging while reading about respiratory syncitial virus (sup microbiodome)

illa jjay is some other smoothy, but this time all dusted up and a lil boom bapped up in the best of cali ways. super nice. havent paid attention to the vocals yet since im not into that, im just stuck on that reverbed organ wave. clipse is usual neptunes slow yam . i need to make some SLOW TUNES

then some sad sucker song from ethiopia. good vibes tho

cool later. should i put some medical lessons up here for all to learn from? heres one i guess. UTIs, or urinary tract infections, are most commonly caused by e.coli or staphylococcus saprophyticus. (when people were talking about MRSA, they were talking about a Staphylococcus Aureus that was Methicillin Resistant. so like, the staphs are related and have different abilities to get up in ur bizness). UTIs are sometimes called a honeymoon disease, cuz newlyweds who are "jammin all night" often are dehydrated, dont flush out these lil buggers enough (by peeing) and are physically mucking around some cultures, which ascend from "down there". bacteria can get up to kid knees too, which can cause fever, chills, and flank pain, along with the original presentation of painful peeing and changes in frequency and urgency. i guess thats not that cool, BUT NOW U KNOW. "support bacteria. they're the only culture some people have"



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