Wednesday, September 10, 2008

dang what to put on this redesigned Reuben I been sketchin in my Moleskine

max tundra - will get fooled
sally shapiro - anorak xmas (johan agebjorn piano mix)
arabian prince - strange life
empire of the sun - walking on a dream
Harvey Averne Dozen - never learned to dance

max tundra omgogmaomsgoaksjdgpwoaieurpweorui best psychopop, speed pop, jitter pop, whatever. sally shapiro that simple swedish piano juke, arabian prince is some pre golden age hip hop, empire of the sun yea yea everybodys got it but i dunnnt give a fuaxl you might not got it. never learned to dance is some OL FUNKY

really makes me wanna get out there and carve some hills.

-al, lee, yea


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