Wednesday, January 11, 2006

when i open my mouth all bullets come out

johnny boy - johnny boy theme

so the first song off their new album, you are the generation blah blah blah, is a little bit behind this one in terms of bringing that junior senior levels of catchiness so this picks up that pace or something i guess.

get him eat him - exposure

oh man this moog is killing me some almost koufaxey pop and yea yea yea its blaowin up some bloogs but i dun care here it rolls. this is off a four song ep, and none of the other songs produce this type of super goodness that ive been crave casing maybe if they make a full length like this they can dennys grand slam it.

prefuse 73 - creating cyclical headaches

OH MAH GOODNESS NEW PREFUSE BREAKIN UP THIS SPOT no but srssly this is supposed to be a return to form after the guest spot album BAM. this one with four tet, the album is alll right i suppose and i recognize some 92 vs 02 collection soundz.

-ace von grumbles


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