Thursday, June 09, 2005

the life span of me is big

ok so here's the deal, from june 11th to july 23rd or so i'll be in europe taking some classes with denmark international studies. yea, so if you can drop mad logic about copenhagen, paris, london, or amsterdam, share the wisdom cuz those are the places i'll be. the fun time music era will be on hold until i get back, so digest slowly if possible.

art brut - emily kane

wabam, whataowh

chris farley arcade - well they don't call them ana-biens
chris farley arcade - dan carron wins mr. evil pageant

yo these cats is digging deep for an electronic and laptop mix of great melodies, thought provoking lyrics, and aurally pleasing textures. some kids see me at the pool and are like hey it's like the streets meets the postal service so i best be dropkicking. second song listed is a bc exclusive b-side.

todd stadtman - i don't know why she's here

an endearing pop song with some bedroom-cooked up bits and pieces making a good song even more interesting, plus it has an ace chorus.

don caballero - details on how to get iceman on your license plate

gastr del sol - black horse

cuz sometimes you need a mess of instrumentals.

-ace von grumbles


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