Thursday, June 02, 2005

the mother of all seafood buffets

royksopp - triumphant

yo this album (the understanding, 2005) sounds super european and some stuff sounds like castle entrance music's a little cheesy to me, like it belongs in the metropolis street racer videogame. it's still dope, but i think the sound of this nordic duo's previous album, melody am, was better. this one is a bit darker and has more vocals. blaow

lucksmiths - a hiccup in your happiness

the aussie team of the lucksmiths have been banging out super rock pop for quite some time now, and this one is charming and lets everybody know they've still gots it.

sea and cake - four corners

smoooooooothie laid back rock with those playful melodies.

yuri misumi - the wonderful star's walk is wonderful

from katamari damacy, this video game music caught me off guard with its sleek production and nice little electronic ornaments sneaking around the main rolling lick.

-ace von grumbles


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