Wednesday, December 09, 2009


all the zongs blwo
miniviva - left mah <3 in tokyo
bibbio -= jealous ofah roses
lindstrom & christabelle - baby can't stop
wezer = pu+ me back 2gether
fach idiot - darlin i melt
omd - 2nd thought
dehmi lovato - dont forgegt
kid sistah - let me bang

new stuff^^^^^^ izunno. WHERES THE GOOD STUFF. GHGMUMM UM UM heres some pop stuff ive been revisiting. the 2ks so far have been about catchy verses and then huge choruses, thanks to maxx martin and D R luke. fuccccc. they even wrote bon jovi its mah life. anthem shit for the miley gyrus generationz. heres some shit i been ketchin up ahn. robyn was written by maxxx martin in like 94 but then this remix ditches the boy band tlc schtick of the 90s for better or worse (>>for better). whats up fellow poptimists, eyhey

veronicasz - everything im not
robyn - show me love 2008 edition

also heres my top 10+ albums of 2k9 cuz iunno the chi trib did it already so fux. i am drifting

1 mayer hawthorne - a strange arrangement
2 discovery - lp
3 girls - album
4 smith westerns - smith westerns
5 xx - the xx
6 washed out - high times
7 lone - lemurian
8 wavves - wavvves
9 the drums - drums ep
10 memory tapes - seek magic
11 elektrik red - how 2 be a lady bolume 1
12 abner jay - true story of abner jay
13 dan deacon - bromst
14 kid sistar - ultraviolet

-tevin cambpell soup


Blogger biblicalfunkband said...

1. Memory Tapes "Seek Magic"
2-10. (not Neon Indian)

1:47 PM  

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