Saturday, December 20, 2008

Howdy paardners,

today I got a good selection of ear/throat music for you to listen/swallow to. Land of Talk is touring with broken social scene last time I heard, I think they go well together and I've included some newer bss. Wilco is also in there, one of my favs, and then this band white rabbit which is ok. FINALly, I don't know if everyone's aware of this website but there are lots of live shows on there from crap-barrels full of artists. I tried to embed this kickin pinback show, lets see if it works. - land of talk, some are lakes (not sure if they say "some are lakes" even ONCE in this song, bogus) - bss, backed out of the.... (A guitarist from dino jr. is in this track, see if you can pick it out) - wilco, im the man who loves you (A lovely song about love) - white rabbits, kid on my shoulders (nothin to write here)


Blogger erik b and rakim said...

i love barrels of crap

11:05 AM  

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