Friday, October 24, 2008

stop a train with your face

stoopid guugle deleted my last post.  maybe because they fawnin bout yawnce.  whatever.  i thought this was america.

and some if u didnt catch em last time:

jensen sportag is some max tundra approved hyperpop.  mc solaar is some 1994 smoovie hip hop.  it'll make yo;u feel better.  stevei, well, you know.  big ups to xtal for that andrew gold spot.  word, girl.  AND THEN SOME STUFF THAT GOGGLES DELETED.  >_<  HIP HOP/ VIDEOGAME/ INDIE.ARIE.  also there was an article in wired that said blogging is over.  so yea, its been nice, later guys.

-patrick bat(e)man


Blogger freddy cat said...

you're welcome : )

1:22 PM  

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