Wednesday, November 15, 2006


hey next week i'm going to tokyo. anybody been there? I KNOW YOU OUT THERE SOME DUDE WHO I CHATTED WITH ABOUT CURTIS MAYFIELD haha what's the best spots? i'm thinking sword museums, harajuku, lots of drinking and mad kyoto worth the train ride time and moooolah? word up hit me back at mah email over there ---

the chris farley arcade - land before time

yo when i first heard this i was like DAYUM let's get this in a fucken movie soundtrack its so poppin give me a club scene give me a murder scene whatever

math and physics club - la la la lisa

something about a girl and a bass guitar - real cheesy b&s type twee, the best song i think off the math and physics full length that shouldve been better, as my fav two songs still are in love again and when we get famosa.

ruff sqwad - died in ur arms

yea i know its real grimey but when people be straight sampling and not really messing with some cheesy 80s tunes and then dropping new knowledge over it i get real worked up

bonobo - nightlife

real laid back bassey african smoke this room out and chill song

the long blondes - once and never again

i've been sleeping on dem for a while, this one has some real catch to it and the girl seems mad cute as well. i didnt dig the other songs as much as this one.

-ace von grumbles


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