Wednesday, July 12, 2006

she is beautiful

a wk - don't call me andy
a wk - into the clear
rhymefest - build me up (feat odb)

new awk is out to rock, and rock it does. nothin can touch his first one in terms of punch a whole in your wall party time like his first album, but this one sees him expanding a bit. i think a bunch of the songs couldve made this hype blagh and been more party party (like not going to bed) but these were pretty sweet for a simple almost 60s girl group melodies and then almost fantasy metal sound on the second so i up it up like i do.

the rhymefest is an extravagant numero feat odb in a prominent role, singin the chorus to build me up buttercup babay and all that. really, the beat and odb make this one worthwhile and rhymest is take it or leave it, i guess he's all right. i need to give him more chances to sink in tis all ithinks. respeck

-ace von grumbles


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