Thursday, April 06, 2006

the glow, part 3

the raconteurs - steady as she goes

from the new albulum which joins the forces of brendan benson and the white stripes guy jack white, both from detroit. this lead off track is the most poppy first impression stand out from what i can tell and is understandably so their single i think......... reminds me a little bit of joe jackson cuz of that bassline (is she really going out with him?) but yea, word hott.

we are scientists - cant lose
mystery jets - purple prose
ne-yo - when youre mad

two bands which bring some brit pop maximo park inflected rock goodness, whether or not its too late to break into this trend, im still diggin em. also, ne-yo, no reason. OTHER THAN IT BRINGS THE MOTHAFUCKIN HOTTNESS OGMOWERWP($*%)#$%. dont call me no poptimist i know i know real professional.

-ace von grumbles


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